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   Returning your car
     Do I need to refuel before returning the car?

Do I need to refuel before returning the car?

On returning the car, you have the following 3 options;
    • If you are not sure how far you will be driving, but plan to stop for petrol, don't pay Budget in advance for petrol and bring the car back full to avoid any refuelling service charge.
    • Pay in advance for the fuel and bring the car back empty. Budget will fill the car at, or sometimes below the current retail pump price. Regardless of how much fuels is left in the tank, credits will not be given for unused petrol.
    • If you won't be using a full tank and don't have time to stop for petrol, pay us only for the petrol you use, based on the renting location's per litre refuelling service charge. Budget customer service representatives can tell you what the renting location's refuelling service charge is when you pick up the car.